This is my blog……to talk about my life,my craft and my family.


I am a woman,wife,mother,friend,crafter,vegie grower,pet wrangler.

I love to knit and sew. I am a blessed mumma to my 3 miracle IVF babies.

PP No 1, my singleton and PP no 2 and PP no 3,my twins.

Wife to my long suffering wonderful DH.

Demented pet wrangler to cats,a dog and rabbits!!!!

I deal with severe depression,ADHD and the effects of peri menopause.

Contact me at


Comments on: "About" (3)

  1. Hi
    Good to ‘find’ you again.
    Your kids are so beautiful (though I am not surprised) They have grown so much.
    Hoping you have more ups and downs. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a lovely new year

  2. Have read some of your blogs and can see I have been where you have been. The feeling of the roller coaster of madness, lonliness, helplessness, one disaster after another when will it end. It took 6 years of unknown illness, and many xrays, specialists and the like to finally find that stress and depression was my unknown enemy. Medication and exercise and positive thoughts of knowing that I can do good, have done good and achieved many things help though still slip from time to time.

    It’s been 1.5 years now and whilst still on medication things are slowly getting back on track. It was a lonely road but once shared and acknowledged life is returning to normality.

    Never feel that you are alone, there is always someone ready to listen and to share you thoughts.

  3. Hey lady, I came to check on you and your DD (well, all of them) and either you’ve erased everything or there’s a glitch. Hope you’re all OK.

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